Expert Counseling for Speciality Pathways

Comprehensive services for students looking to study abroad including admission and visa assistance.

Our experienced counselors will provide you with guidance every step of the way - right from giving you a detailed overview of the courses available, exams that need to be taken for admission/visa purposes and the cost of studying in your chosen country to assisting you with getting your admission and visa (including preparation and verification of visa documents and following up on visa applications with the embassy).

Visa application: Our experts guide you in obtaining appropriate visa application for your destination. We help in filling the visa application.

Visa documentation: Visa documentation includes several necessary document. We help you in arranging all the documents as per your destination requirement. We also guide students to understand how financial proof should be shown for visa consulate.

Visa interview: Some countries require personal interview of students. In such case we prepare the students and conduct mock up interview. This will help the students to face the interviewer more confidently.

We provides expert counselling in the following areas:


Overview of Universities in different countries and study opportunities they offer.

Detailed overview of courses in these Universities.

1. Choosing the right course and the right University based on their academic ability and financial capability.
2.Briefing on the latest immigration rules in these countries.
3. In addition, we also provide you with all the necessary information regarding:
4. Tuition and living expenses
5. Scholarship Details
6. Facilities offered by the Universities
7. Visa assistance
8. Preparation of visa documents
9. Verification of visa documents
10. Applying for visa .and Follow up with Embassies on the visa applications