Study in U.S.A

Education System

Education system in US is more flexible and decentralized than India. Students have freedom to choose their major field of study as well as the courses they would like to study each semester. The emphasis is on classroom interaction, project work, presentations, and practical experience which prepare students for their professional life. Students also are encouraged to participate in cultural & community projects which make them a well-rounded and confident individual.

Universities in USA offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. They can be either a public (funded by state) or private institution (not-for-profit, for profit or religious affiliation).

Colleges award Bachelor degrees and Community Colleges award Associate Degrees which prepares students to transfer to a four year degree program.

USA Admission Checklist

Checklist of Required documents for admission into USA universities

For a bachelors program a 10+2 year of basic education is required. 12+4 years of basic education is required to pursue a master's degree in the USA . 12+4 years of basic education and relevant work ex is required for an MBA program. There are two major intakes in most of the universities, schools and colleges of USA - Fall (Sept.) and Spring (Jan). Deadlines for fall intake start from January and for Spring from October. For an entire application procedure a student requires around 8-9 months of time.

Document Description of Document

Degree Certificate & Provisional/Course completion whichever is available).

In sealed envelopes to be attested by The Registrar of  University/Controller
of Exams

Provisional/Course completion Certificate required for final year students.
Original attestation on Photocopy

Individual Mark statements and consolidated
All memos required including retakes
In sealed envelopes to be attested by The Registrar of University/Controller
of Exams. Only
Consolidated mark sheet will not be accepted. Original attestation
on Photocopy

10+2 / equivalent mark sheet.

In sealed envelopes to be attested by the College Principal/Technical Board.Original
attestation on Photocopy

10th / equivalent mark sheets

In sealed envelopes to be attested by The School Principal.
Original attestation on Photocopy


Notarized. (Official ETS reporting should be done  by the Student )


Notarized (Official ETS reporting should be done by the Student)
Recommendation Letters
(Min. 3 Nos.)One from HOD; other two from concerned dept. professors.
In sealed envelopes with attestation (inside outside)
Date should be mentioned.OriginalLetterhead Different formats
Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Approx. 750 words)
To be prepared by the student on A4 size paper and duly signed.
Hard & Soft copy
Bank Statement Student cannot be a partner in joint a/c Signed by the Bank Manager with a seal of the bank, A/c no. & Date Approx. amount
Original Bank Letterhead
Affidavit of Support Signed by the Sponsor & has to be notarized on Rs. 10 Stamp Paper
Passport First & last 2 pages

Colour,Standard passport sized photograph

Other Certificates (if any)

i.e. extra curricular activities
Resume Duly Signed
Hard & Soft copy

Experience Letter

Required if 6 months gap/showing experience in Resume